Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition

Restoring Balance.

  • 1 hour
  • 40 British pounds
  • Online & in person details via email

Service Description

Lifestyle and nutrition advice from an Ayurvedic perspective. Get a complete perscription of wellness with tailored nutritional and lifestyle advice with recipes and Ayurvedic medicines (in the form of herbs, creams, and powders) to help your body restore its natural balance. The consultation can be held on Skype, at your place, or at The Yoga Tree in Norwich, to discuss the best option you will need to email before booking a slot. WHAT TO EXPECT: In an Ayurvedic Consultation we will discuss the main issues that are facing you today that you would like to improve, this could be health, stress levels, physical and mental symptoms or just not feeling your best. In the 1:30hr consultation we will determine your Vrikruti (imbalanced dosha) and use the tools and wisdom of Ayurveda to bring your self back to your natural state of radiance, wellbeing, and health. THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND: We will use pulse diagnosis and look at your tongue to help us in your analysis. It is best to come to the consultation with a specific area of your life that you wish to improve.

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