Living Sustainably: The Call for Action

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

In many places across the world we are seeing an influx of people gathering to demand immediate action on the biggest threat that we will face in our lifetime, the threat of climate change. Surprisingly, there are people that still do not believe that this is anything to worry about despite the mass of scientific evidence proving otherwise. We are being called to take massive action now if we want to keep the climate below an irreversible tipping point that has been estimated to be as early as just a decade away. It has been estimated that if we continue as we are currently the climate of the earth will reach 1.5 degrees celcius (or more) by as early as 2030-2052. If this happens, the biodiversity and life that we currently know on earth could reach a point of no return.

Through climate change, the rate of natural disasters increases by up to 30x. The sea levels have already risen 20cm in the last 100 years and are estimated to rise even further as we move into this next phase of our existence. The higher the sea levels, the more catastrophic the events will be. It is predicted to impact coastal cities and islands the most, with the current levels already leaving some island's almost wiped out. Storms will become more powerful and more regular. Droughts will spread across the lands and agriculture as we know it will suffer to the point where it is highly likely we will not be able to produce food. The ice in Greenland will be completely melted, causing an even bigger increase in the temperature of the planet. There are also extra factors that could cause an even bigger increase in the earth's temperature such as lakes that are currently under layers of melting ice that are filled with methane gas. Methane is 20x more toxic to our air than co2 and if this ice is to melt it will be released into earth's atmosphere in one big eruption.

In the last 50 years we have reduced animal population by 60%, with masses of species becoming extinct or near to extinct. Human's and the animals we raise account for 96% of the mass of mammals and 70% of the birds currently on earth. The wild animals and beautiful bio-diversity of this planet has been corrupted and manipulated for our need to consume. In Africa, the population of lion's has decreased by 65%, flying insects by 75% in Europe and in the Pacific Ocean, blue fin Tuna as much as 95%. If there are no wild animals left on our planet, the overall balance and stability that keeps our fragile eco-system so perfectly managed will collapse.

According to the newest IPCC report global warming is likely to reach 1.5 degree's Celsius by 2030-2052 and even if we stopped using all anthropogenic emissions (including, greenhouse gasses, aerosols, and perusers) the effect of the abuse of these will persist for centuries to millennia.

Co2 emissions were at 280ppm before we began burning fossil fuels, they are now around 400ppm. 8% of species are under threat of extinction due to climate change. Greenland is currently losing 5x more ice than it was 25 years ago, and the Antarctic as much as 3x. Melting ice means sea levels will rise and subsequently our planet will suffer which we can already see the effects of across the globe.

The flooding in Louisiana is an example of this, with as much as a FOOTBALL field dissappearing under the water every 45 minutes. The majority of habitual land has been destroyed, and the people growing up there are told that they might never see the land they call their home again in a few years.

This is a national crisis. There needs to be no person, woman, man, girl or boy who does not see this as a national crisis. We need to come together to educate ourselves and our children on the changes and urgent action that needs to be made to ensure that we will survive together as a species and restore life that is vital to our planet.

I recommend educating yourself first by watching the many inspirational activists that are currently patrolling the world, knocking on the doors of the world's leaders and calling for action. To read the scientific reports, to join protests, to share this message as far as it needs to go for people to truly listen. This is not a case of waiting for it all to blow over, every single person who is here on this earth today needs to take conscious action to ensure this planet survives for our future generations.

Please watch this BBC documentary on the FACTS of climate change:

It is currently available on youtube the whole documentary and I believe it needs to stay there.

I would also recommend watching Before the Flood - it is available on Netflix and David Attenborough's new series Our Planet.

If you head to Our Planet's website you will be able to see what action is necessary to change this before it is too late.

I have also linked some inspirational talks and videos from YouTube below:

David Attenborough's Speech

Greta Thunburg

Leonardo DiCaprio's UN Speech

Please listen and take action.

Sending you love.

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