Our Why

Ceri created Holistically Whole after experiencing deep and profound healing in her own life. She empowers people to take action and make change through intimate workshops with a strong focus on giving you the tools you need to be your own teacher.


Ceri received her 200hr YTT certification in the summer of 2017 in the foothills of Southern India by Swami Santhi Prasaad. Since then she has furthered her studies to the ancient sister science of Ayurveda. She incorporates Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutritional wisdom into her teachings designed at helping people to feel more balanced and at peace. Holistically Whole offers a variety of workshops, classes, retreats, and meditation sessions designed at connecting us to our subtle body and breath.

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"Ceri is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She has a genuine love of yoga & people & all her classes have a really positive & relaxed vibe. As a beginner she made me feel welcome & included. No posing here. Just turn up, do what you can & reap the physical & mental benefits!"

Joanna Lyus