What is Healing?

After an intense process of internal healing and from working in the field for the past 6 years, I am passionate about helping people find balance and peace by connecting to the power within. Each one of us has a powerhouse of energy that we can use to heal and strengthen from the many blockages that have stayed repressed in our bodies for years, if not lifetimes.


 By healing, clearing, and strengthening our own energy (in yoga, ayurveda, or any energy work) we feel consistently better, less fragmented, and more connected to our soul. Our minds feel clearer and we step into the empowered, joyful, and whole beings we were born to be. Though there are ups and downs as we move through our limitations and programming,  we clear space in our bodies which allows for more lightness with each purge or release. 

After seeing that a lot (if not all) of our physical issues stem from an energetic source (e.g, emotional pain, trauma, negative thought loops etc) I focus my teachings on not only the physical aspects but the more subtle layers such as the mental, emotional, and spiritual. My intention is to encourage you to step into your power and become your own healer and teacher by working with and strengthening your own unlimited energy, and eventually sharing this gift with others who are in need.

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Sending you love on your journey,

Jai Namaste!