Holistic living is about more than drinking green juice and mindlessly consuming. To live holistically is to accept and love the role that you have been given this lifetime, to learn about your body, consciousness, and your relationships. It is about knowing how to eat in the correct balance for your constitution, finding your dharma (life’s purpose) and having a box full of tools to help you navigate through the inevitable hardships in life.


Ceri is passionate about helping people find balance and structure in the modern world, by educating people on the profound power that is available to each of us and how to use it. Every one of us has a purpose on this earth and these are times that the world is in desperate need of us living in this accelerated and natural state of health and happiness. To do this, we learn from others who have walked the path and then we become guides for those who have not.

Holistically Whole is here to serve you through a range of courses, workshops, articles, and practices built around the intention of ultimate peace and contentment for us and all beings.

Sending you love on your journey